As the only tribute band in the UK solely dedicated to Schenker era UFO, Obsession take you back to the classic days of the Strangers In The Night live album, performed in its glorious entirety. Through meticulous and precise attention to every detail of the UFO live experience, Obsession capture both the dynamic energy and the light and shade of this classic and influential line up. From standards such as Doctor Doctor, Shoot Shoot, the piledriving Lights Out and the epics Love To Love and Rock Bottom, to the more reflective Out In The Street and I'm a Loser, Obsession recreate the entire panorama of  legendary mid to late 1970s UFO.


To satisfy even the most fervent hardcore fan's appetite for all things UFO, Obsession additionally include material such as On With The Action, the gentle ballad Try Me and the hard hitting Electric Phase, 'Aint No Baby, Hot 'n' Ready, Cherry, and many others - all culled from the classic studio albums Phenomenon, Force It, No Heavy Petting, Lights Out and of course, Obsession. Also included in this blistering set are Pushed to The Limit and Venus from the critically acclaimed 1995 comeback album Walk On Water.


Combine this stunning set with the razor sharp musicianship and onstage charisma of the band and you have a winning formula which we will consistently guarantee to bring to your venue, time after time.


To quote a recent review;


"... I was thrilled with reaction from the crowd, as a fan I was blown away. Close your eyes and you are listening to UFO at their best..." 

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